Vigorously Invest in Talented Personnel to Build Strong Working Team

       In the 21st century, with the rapid development of information, knowledge and technology, the competition among enterprises has turned to the competition of knowledge and skills. The integration of knowledge and skills is embodied in the human resources of enterprises, especially in the employees of enterprises. Therefore, in order to develop and grow, enterprises should first invest in the development of the core talent team.

        There is such an enterprise in Huizhou, which has been established for more than ten years and has always been at the forefront of the industry trend. Over the past decade, it has continuously improved product quality and service level, continuously introduced advanced production equipment and technology, and more importantly, it attaches great importance to personnel training. Its name is Huizhou Weijian Circuit Board Co., Ltd.

        Huizhou Weijian Circuit Board Co., Ltd. was founded in 2004. After more than ten years of efforts and development, Weijian now has a high-quality talent team. For a long time, Weijian has always adhered to the concept of "people-oriented, harmonious development", respecting and cherishing talents.

I. Focus on the Training of Talented Teams

       In the final analysis, the core technology of an enterprise is mastered by its employees and innovated and developed by them. The competition of enterprises will develop into the "bearer" of knowledge and skills - the competition of employees. It is with such forward-looking consciousness that Weijian has attached great importance to the cultivation of talents since its establishment. Weijian regularly conducts regular knowledge training for new and old employees, and also organizes excellent employees to carry out outdoor outdoor outdoor activities from time to time. With the help of such activities, they can improve their abilities, break through themselves, and further strengthen team cohesion and combat effectiveness.

2. Enhancing the sense of belonging of the talent team and creating the workroom that employees love most

        In addition to cultivating the combat effectiveness of the talent team, Weijian has been striving to enhance the sense of belonging of employees, committed to "become the staff's favorite workshop". Weijian has been striving to create a comfortable living environment and good welfare facilities for the vast number of employees. In addition to buying social security for employees according to the Labor Law, the company also has staff canteens and staff dormitories, football fields, basketball courts, table tennis rooms, libraries, etc. to provide various benefits for employees. In addition to work, employees can participate in sports and recreational activities, get physical and mental relaxation and rest. Every month, the company also holds a group birthday party to celebrate the birthday of its employees.

        In such a promising and loving "big family", employees are full of enthusiasm and strong sense of belonging. With the joint efforts of such a highly responsible and professional talent team, Huizhou Weijian Circuit Board Industry Co., Ltd. has been growing steadily. From product quality to service level, customer satisfaction has been constantly improving. At the end of last year, Weijian was recognized as a national high-tech enterprise. Believe in the future, professional and practical strong people, will enable Weijian to step up a new level, leading the development of the company and industry.

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