Introducing ERP New Management System to Realize Seamless Docking of Resources with High Efficiency

       Enterprise management is a very complex and tedious process of dynamic management and control. A good enterprise management must be systematic, strict and authoritative, innovative and in line with the actual development and operation of the enterprise. Nowadays, our enterprises also attach great importance to enterprise management, invest a lot of manpower and financial resources, hope to establish a complete management system, improve management level, maintain and promote enterprise development. So a new management system - ERP system came into being.

        ERP system jumps out of the traditional enterprise boundary, optimizes the resources of enterprises from the scope of supply chain, optimizes the operation mode of modern enterprises, and reflects the market requirements for enterprises to allocate resources rationally. It plays a significant role in improving business processes and core competitiveness of enterprises. We are familiar with Huizhou Weijian PCB Industry Co., Ltd. using such a new and efficient management system.


        ERP is the abbreviation of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). It is an integrated enterprise management software for material resources management (logistics), human resources management (human flow), financial resources management (financial flow), information resources management (information flow). ERP system is a highly integrated system applied throughout the company. Within Weijian, data is highly shared among business systems, and all source data need only be input once in a system to ensure data consistency.

        ERP optimizes the internal business processes and management processes, and automates the main business processes. In Weijian, as long as the customer orders, the system will immediately display the order message. Relevant personnel will be able to work as required immediately. All departments cooperate with each other to accomplish tasks according to customers'requirements with high efficiency and high standards.


       Since the company started ERP system, Weijian has realized the unified management of capital flow, logistics and information flow, real-time processing of business data and accurate delivery of decision-making orders. The product material structure management standard ensures the strict implementation of the business department, and further improves the product quality.

       The management level of Weijian Company has also been improved qualitatively. ERP system can help employees accomplish tasks quickly, improve work efficiency, improve production capacity, reduce operating costs, and enable the company to quickly respond to market changes.


       Since its establishment in 2004, Huizhou Weijian Circuit Board Industry Co., Ltd. has been keeping pace with the times, using advanced management systems, introducing a large number of advanced production equipment, attracting and training high-quality technical personnel, with a long-term vision and a down-to-earth spirit of hard work, in the PCB industry has always been fearless of wind and rain, head-up. Next, the company will continue to make great strides, from products to services, from hardware to software, to upgrade in an all-round way, and strive to become the best choice for customers, so that customers'products can be synchronized with the world.

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