Strength Display

Weiken has a relatively stable core production team, less mobility of personnel, 

most of them are veteran employees with many years of experience in the production of circuit boards, and their capacity is relatively stable.

And most of the employees serve overseas customers. 

They not only have strict requirements for product quality, but also have super-high standards for themselves.

Weiken has relatively higher welfare than the surrounding factories, so employees have a higher enthusiasm, 

a good mentality, willing to participate in the basic work of Weiken, at the same time, they can work together to create a good working atmosphere.

Leadership is promoted by the employee class. They have a broader knowledge of production technology 

and can provide timely help and enthusiastic answers to employees.

In terms of humanistic management, Weijian always adheres to the principle 

that "cultural and technological strength" is the basic ability that employees must possess.

Periodically and quantitatively carry out monthly knowledge training for new employees, 

quarterly outdoor staff outdoor development and other activities, while providing staff with a library reading room.

This is one aspect that Weiken attaches great importance to. Weiken will make progress only if the employee's ability is improved. 

Weiken can develop better only if the employee works comfortably.

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